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  • 【New coronavirus infection prevention measures】

    Thank you very much for using Capsule Inn Omiya.
    As a response to this new type of coronavirus, please enjoy infection prevention measures at this facility.
    We will inform you as follows.

    ① Eradication of bacteria in this facility
    Clean tables, railings, capsules, toilets, clogs, lockers, etc. with hypochlorous acid water
    ② Partial space eradication               
    Disinfecting disinfecting water with disinfecting and deodorizing effect by spraying as needed
    (3) Installation of disinfecting water (Kanfa water) and alcohol disinfectant
    Installed at the front desk, cafeteria and toilets on each floor so that customers can use them freely
    ④ Regular ventilation            
    We understand that we inconvenience our customers due to the weather, etc.
    Thank you.